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Marriam-Webster This includes mainly land, water, and air. Pollution can come in various forms including the lesser-known noise, light, and thermal pollution. Of all the First World countries, the United States is the most polluting nation on Earth, according to various statistical indications. The U. Where We Stand We spend over billions dollars a year on pollution control and abatement, regulation and monitoring, and research and development.

The majority of the cost incurred is from control and abatement of pollution. Some of this consumption increase is due to burning of fossil fuels, a natural resource.

Why do you think the depletion of natural resources and the consumption of energy is related to pollution? Land Pollution Land pollution the action of environmental contamination with man-made waste on land.

Americans generate five pounds of solid waste every day, furthermore creating one ton of solid waste each year. Kaufman killing giardia in soil Franz In an average day in the United States, people throw outtons of edible food and throw 1 million bushels of litter out of their automobiles.

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Kaufman and Franz The main human contributor to pollution are landfills. Approximately half of our trash is disposed in landfills.

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In the picture above, for example, some of the trash may end up getting washed into the lake adjacent to it. In another situation, chemical waste may not be disposed of properly and toxic substances may seep into the ground. These seeping chemicals can potentially contaminate a local body of water.

It is also possible that these chemicals may give off a toxic vapor, thereby contributing to air pollution as well.

Water Pollution Water pollution is the action of environmental contamination with man-made waste into water. The source of this waste could be raw sewage, chemicals, trash, or fertilizer.

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Dubay et al Also, water is so important for human survival because we cannot live without it. When a source antihelmintikus gyógyszerek emberek számára népi gyógymódokkal drinking water becomes cantaminated with untreated sewage it is possible to spread diseases through the water like Giardiasis, a diarrheal disease caused by a parasitic protazoa, Giardia lamblia. Kaufman and Franz These types of diseases can also be caused by bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Another type of water pollution usually occurs when water is contaminted with fertilizer.

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The water is then nitrified and phosphorolized by the fertilizer chemicals. These added nutrients in the water can cause eutrophication or the process of changing of a body water due to excessive plant nutrients.

This eutrophication promotes excessive growth of algae and aquatic plants, which then chokes the open-water areas, thus decreasing the amount of oxygen available in the water. Dubay et al Consequently, fish and other organism may die off due to the lack of oxygen.

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Other types of water polltion include trash that is dumped into a body of water or chemicals that seep or are dumped into a body of water. These two types of water pollution can have harmful side effects for killing giardia in soil and different organisms.

Air Pollution Air pollution is the action of environmental contamination with man-made waste into the air. Kaufman and Franz The Earth's air also contains pollutants or harmful material, we may also breathe. Some of these air pollutants may be odorless and colorless.

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Other air pollution may be so apparent that it surrounds us like smog, which is a cloud or haze of air pollution. Many times you can see smog hanging over the tall skyscrapers in urban areas.

Why do you think cities are more likely to have smog than suburban or rural areas? Cities have a tendency to have greater portion of industrialized areas. Industry is the main contributor to air pollution. Many times factories release greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons CFCsmethane, and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. Kaufman and Franz Greenhouse gases contribute to a phenomenon called the greenhouse effect or more simply put, global warming.

These greenhouse gases trap heat within the atmoshpere, thus raising the temperture of the Earth. There also other harmful gases the are released when fossil fuels are burned. These gases have significant negative health and environmental effects.